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Cory Hofstad is a technology and engineering enthusist from Seattle, WA who is involved in educational and development projects with clients and institutions all over the world, and even projects in space which are literally out of this world! A creative genius, Cory Hofstad is currently working on many long term sustainable programs in an effort to better the world in which we live.

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Profits from my various business progects go towards large scale educational and awareness programs which will help earth grow as a whole and reach toward the stars, in order to make our dreams a reality.

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Engineering Technology and Educating Future Generations

Cory Hofstad is a internationally known IT consultant, network engineer, freelance developer, aerospace enthusiast & off time inventor / educator from Seattle, WA. Cory Hofstad is a proud supporter of Open Source, a methodology in which knowledge and developements in technology are openly shared to create a source of human knowledge which can be acced by anyone free of charge.

Serveral STEM education projects are currently under operation, in an effort to further the technological advancement of the human population. From online literature programs, to earth and space news websites, Cory hofstad has created a network of educational projects that promote education and free thinking.

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Tribe of Judah


Discover, develop and share new technologies which will release humankind from economical slavery, population issues, war, earth ecology and an overbearing lack of resources.


Admiration of honesty, public service, morality, and honor of service are important qualities that have been overlooked in modern times by too many people in our society.


Engage worldwide methodologies with technology and spiritual strength. Interactively coordinate proactive sustainable and open solutions to current problems in order to phase out non-sustainable "fixes" and cornered market solutions.