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Renewable & Free Energy

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Planetary Exploration

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Spiritual Awakening

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Healthy Eating & Non-GMO's

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Engineering & Education

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  • Cory Andrew hofstad

    Shalom, I am Cory Hofstad and this is my personal web space for my friends, family and clients to follow my latest projects, adventures, news and updates.

    I am here on a mission for the people, by the people, to make the necessary changes to human society required to recognizably advance our civilization to a point in which we can enter the cosmos and freely travel the stars in a productive and peaceful matter.

    Our species has come to a point where we have two primary choices which we are forced to deal with. Either we continue living in the same ways in which we are currently invested in, which are bringing death, starvation and disease to our planet. Or, we decide to step up to the plate and develop new and innovative strategies to halt the destruction and kick start the process of rebuilding what we have lost and start working toward a better future.

    With the cornered markets refusing to allow any form of sustainable technology through which would cut profits, it is now in my opinion to start forcing through new technologies related to energy, medicine, travel, manufacturing and production.

    While some may say that great advancements are being made in technology, they are for the most part advances in entertainment and distractions from the important staples of human survival. In the last 50 years, we have downsized computers into pocket sized devices, yet we are still forced utilize outdated fossil fuels as a means of energy, while highly advanced clean energy patents are bought out and thrown under the rug.

    The current field of medicine is designed to manufacture patients through prescribing drugs that cause more problems than they solve, and dis-guarding natural solutions for those that come with an expensive patent. Fake diseases and symptoms are created to sell pharmaceuticals which create an unnatural brain chemistry and force chemical dependance on the human population.

    Throughout this website, I intend to utilize my presentation skills to promote free thinking and innovative creation in an attempt to reach those who are also invested in the survival and evolution of the human species and spirit. Some of my ideas may be controversial, but they are in fact ideas, thoughts for the reader to ponder on when they are facing the daily issues of economical, ecological, pharmaceutical and mental slavery. I do not intend to offend, I merely intend to spark the thought of "what if things could be different" and to get the wheels turning in a positive direction to actually making things better for the current and future generations.
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About Cory Hofstad

Cory Hofstad is an American network technology and internet security expert from Seattle, WA who is focused on the development of new technologies which enrich the world in which we live.

This website features all of my current research, projects and designs related to technology, aerospace and renewable energy. Follow me for the latest news from around the world, much of which

With a theology of open sourcing human advancement, and integrating human spirituality and ancient technology with future human evolution, coryhofstad.com is a place for fresh ideas and peer review of Cory's ideas, methods and projects.

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